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You need the right technology that will help your business grow, but if you’re like most of our financial and accounting clients, you may be looking to improve IT processes and inefficiencies. This is where we step in to become your IT partner. Our industry-leading IT consulting, IT support, and IT management services are dedicated to powering technology to empower your business. 


How we have been helping with Managed IT Services for Accounting and Financial Firms since 2006

We’ve built our business off of delivering Managed Services for Financial and Accounting Firms since 2006. We are experts when it comes to the challenges facing accountants and CFOs who are seeking to deliver high value, secure solutions while maintaining an efficient, professional business model. It’s what we do, day after day, month after month, year after year… and we love doing it too!


For accounting professionals, having a reliable computer system is vital for both efficiency and productivity. Over time, however, managing their own computers can quickly become extremely burdensome. At times, you might have multiple computer problems and have to constantly fix everything. For companies who provide accounting solutions, it’s often very tough to track down where IT problems even begin and when they pop up. We specialize in providing end-to-end managed services to accounting clients. Our focus includes managing everything related to IT support and maintenance. We build solutions, train the people in our client’s companies, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and provide ongoing management.

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KPInterface Client Highlights

“For Fidato Partners, there never was a Pre-KPI. We were a 3-person organization and the next call was to Brian Pickell at KPI because we knew we needed IT support even then.”

Fidato Partners, Berwyn, PA

Fidato Partners is a 10-year 125 person organization in business for two things: providing consulting services for information technology about financial applications (fintech) as well as outsourced accounting and risk management services, and we’ve been partnering with them the whole way.

Case Study:

Fidato Partners MS Intune Implementation

Tech Innovations Needed for a 150+ Man Team

Fidato Partners, now Eliassen Group, is a 10-year 125 person organization in business for two things: providing consulting services for information technology about financial applications as well as outsourced accounting and risk management services. Their varied services means they have a lot of skilled manpower in different fields like finance and recruiting, but with a large mostly-remote workforce, sometimes it can be difficult to manage devices. For security purposes, it is always good to have awareness of all devices that should or should not be connected to a company’s system. Not only that, but ideally, the Fidato team would be able to manage programs on devices as well.

Tools to Secure All Devices

Microsoft Azure and Intune

Registering each device (phone, tablet, and computer) for a team of over 150 people and then enabling device and application management policies is no small feat, especially when most of them aren’t even on the network! People tend to not realize how many devices are connected to work (for example, most phones are set up to receive company emails). Two programs working hand-in-hand was the best solution for Fidato: MS Azure allows KPInterface to create a digital directory for all active company users, while MS Intune allows Fidato to register devices outside the local domain and control which programs and applications are appropriate to run on each device. For such a large organization, it is imperative that they are able to secure network devices for security and IT peace of mind.

A Better Equipped Workforce with Configured Technology

Managed IT Services

Your clients put their trust in you. You need to ensure that their data and your technology are secure.

Accounting and financial firms are as technology-driven as any other business today. You face the same challenges that other enterprises do when it comes to keeping your IT infrastructure up, running, and secure.

Whether it’s keeping you up and running, maintaining your systems, helping you to be more productive, or keeping you secure from cyber threats, KPInterface has you covered.

What makes KPInterface different?

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KPI’s process-driven approach to IT cultivates best practices and focuses on strategy. When we analyze your technology, we focus on how we can make it better. We’ll share the technical knowledge we have accrued over our 15 years in business so that you can better understand your technology and how it can be used to fuel your growth.

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All of our services are customized for each client’s objectives, needs, and industry with the goal of long-term success.

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Do Any of These Technology Problems Sound Familiar?

Our in-house IT department is overworked and stretched thin.
Network downtime is frustrating our employees and customers.
The company lacks a clear, long-term technology strategy for growth.
We have been disappointed by past IT providers time after time.
Fluctuating unpredictable IT costs are hurting our budget.
We can’t afford to hire an IT department, but we’re also not sure if outsourcing is what’s best.