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We’re Not in This Alone

At KPI, we know our clients rely on us to provide the best technology for their business, but when they need something beyond our purview, we love having a team of expert partners to turn to.


Service excellence, day in and day out, is what makes the difference for our clients. So when it’s time for us to select a partner, it’s key have partners that share the same values and mission. It’s also important to have referral partners in all areas of business that allow us to provide the best possible customer outcome. As a holistic IT company, we provide many of the tech solutions our clients could possibly need – but when their website is running slow, their electricity goes out, we still want to be there for our customers. That’s where our partners come in. KPInterface is always looking to expand our partner group. Keep scrolling to see the benefits for you and your clients. 

Owned by Ray Carr, Telligent Solutions is a premier provider of electronic security systems. They are experts in alarms, card access and security video. Recently, KPI was tasked with relocating our client, the American Society of Transplantation. They needed a knowledgeable partner who was just as obsessed with client satisfaction as we are. After careful survey and design Telligent delivered an effective solution for the client at lowest possible cost. New friends made everywhere!

Our network of partners is extensive – and we use every bit of it! As a comprehensive IT company, it can’t just stop at the network, we need to protect our customer at every end point. This meant two weeks ago, when Stockwell’s servers started failing, we sent out technicians who were able to identify immediately the electrical issues that were the true source of the problem. The technicians, on behalf of our clients, brought in our partner Belles Electric who did emergency on-site service to get their servers back up and running within the working day. Our clients depend on us for excellent technology, and we deliver.

Owned by Joe O’Donnell, OMEGA Real Estateis a full service real estate company specializing in corporate tenant/buyer representation, landlord/seller representation, project leasing and investment sales for Montgomery, Chester Counties and surrounding Philadelphia areas. Active in the Philadelphia business world, he often comes across clients unhappy with some aspect to their IT and KPInterface is always happy to help. When our clients relocate to his area, Joe is always willing to jump in and help a client find a new space in absolutely no time flat!

Gene Marks owns and operates The Marks Group PC, a highly successful ten-person firm that provides technology and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. The Marks Group PC, launched in 1994, has grown to help more than 600 companies and thousands of individuals throughout the country. They are specialists in CRM (customer relationship management) software and integration, which pairs well with KPInterface’s managed services for IT.

Partner Benefits


  • Free IT Consultation 
  • Network and Cybersecurity Audits
  • Collaborative Marketing Efforts
  • Seminars/Webinars
  • Fun Networking Events
  • Whitepapers/Informational Collateral
  • Excellent Referral Rewards Program
Together, Stronger

As IT and Cybersecurity subject matter experts, we can provide pertinent and up-to-date webinars and seminars on various topics. Examples include:

  • How to Use Microsoft Teams For Effective Collaboration
  • Using Microsoft SharePoint to Increase Productivity
  • Top 8 Ways to Secure Your Company – Today!
  • Cybersecurity for Today’s SMBs
  • Using Technology for a Successful Hybrid Workforce
  • Creating a Strategic Roadmap and Budget for IT
  • How to Take Advantage Cloud Technology
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We’re not in This Alone

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We're not in This Alone

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