KPI Fact Finder

The following questionnaire is to help KPI gather information regarding the IT environment of a company. This questionnaire is free and confidential, the results of which will be discussed with you upon the completion of the survey.

IT Concerns:

Current IT Services:

Do they service remote and on-site?
Do you have a vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)?
Do you have a team of assigned engineers?
Do you have a dedicated IT support portal?
Do you have established back-up and disaster recovery in place?
Do you have periodic meetings to discuss projects, recommendations, road map?
Are you provided with complete network documentation? Critical passwords?
Are you happy with the reporting you are currently receiving?
Do you have security and training for end users?
Do they provide SLAs (Service Level Agreement) for service objectives?
Do they provide customer satisfaction feedback?

Current Cybersecurity

Is your network protected? (Ex: Firewalls, VPNs, etc)
Do you have email protection? (Ex: anti-spam, virus protection, email continuity, etc)
How is your LAN (local area network) environment? (Ex: patch updates, threat monitoring, endpoint security)
What is the state of your servers?
Do you have cybersecurity training in place? (Ex: end user training, phishing testing, dark web scans)
Does your company use 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)?
Does your company use a password manager? (NOT browser password managers like Google)

Current IT Environment

Do you have printers on your network?
Do you have VoIP?
Do you have remote employees?