Cybersecurity Penetration Assessment Questionnaire

KPI Cybersecurity Penetration Test

This quick quiz is sent to our techs, who will shortly email you a link. This link is the downloadable to this our penetration test - and you can send this link to anyone in your organization, and they will show up on the results at the end of this process. Any further questions direct to the technician of the scan.


What type of sensitive information does your team handle, access, or store? Check all that apply, including employee data as well as client data:(Required)
Do you allow any of the above information to be e-mailed?(Required)
Do you allow any of the above information to be stored or transmitted in cloud filesharing applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.(Required)

Microsoft 365

Do you use Microsoft 365 for email or file storage (One Drive or SharePoint)?(Required)
When you log into your account are you prompted for a code that is sent to your cell phone or shows up on an application on your cell phone?(Required)


UntitledDoes your current IT support provide you evidence that they are performing test restores of your data?(Required)


How often does your team receive simulated phishing training?(Required)
How often does your team receive security training?(Required)
Do you have a cyber liability insurance policy?(Required)
Do you have crime insurance?(Required)
How recently have you evaluated the level of cyber insurance carried by your organization to verify if it is adequate to protect your organization and your clients or patients from financial loss?(Required)


Do you have a work from home policy that includes safeguards for client, patient and organization data?(Required)
What cyber security policies are being used in your office?(Required)
Do employees sign off that they have read and understand these policies?(Required)
How would you currently rate the cyber security software deployed to protect personal and organization data from attacks such as phishing and ransomware?(Required)
How often do you have a 3rd party analysis of your network security controls?(Required)