Limerick, PA – KPInterface (KPI) is thrilled to announce its esteemed position on the Channel Futures MSP 501 list for the second consecutive year. This accolade is not just a nod to the top managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide but a recognition of those that are true disruptors in the industry.

Brian Pickell, Co-Founder & Owner of KPInterface, Inc., shared his enthusiasm, saying, “Being acknowledged as a disruptor in the MSP space is a testament to our innovative approach, our commitment to challenging the status quo, and our dedication to providing top-tier solutions to our clients. We’re not just here to participate; we’re here to lead and innovate. Securing the 315th spot this year on the MSP 501 list is a reflection of our team’s relentless drive.”

Channel Futures defines a “disruptor” as a company that challenges existing business models with innovative strategies, entering new markets, acquiring new customers, and boosting revenue. By this definition, KPInterface stands tall among the high-performing MSPs. The 2023 MSP 501 rankings are a blend of science and art, with the aim to identify those channel disruptors investing in cutting-edge solutions, maintaining above-industry growth rates, and introducing innovations that empower clients to outpace their competition.

For a comprehensive view of the top channel disruptors and more detailed insights, visit the Channel Futures website.


About KPInterface

KPInterface has been a beacon of IT excellence in the Philadelphia region and its surroundings for over 15 years. Catering primarily to small and medium-sized businesses, KPI understands the pivotal role technology plays in the success of these enterprises. The company’s ethos revolves around harnessing technology to bolster business success, delivering tailored solutions that address today’s intricate challenges, and ensuring a consistently superior experience for its clients.

For more information, please contact: (484) 680-7766