The difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ can be monumental. At KPInterface, we live by the mantra, “Good is the enemy of great,”. This philosophy forms the cornerstone of our approach to serving our clients and partners. Our commitment to greatness is a steadfast aspect of our core values.  

This pursuit of excellence is not just rhetoric; it’s ingrained in KPI’s DNA. We recognize to reach new heights we must join forces with like-minded organizations. We seek compatible partners who share our values and vision because collaboration is the key to innovation and steadfast improvement. We hold the conviction that to surpass mediocrity, we should align ourselves with the most exceptional talents in the industry. 

A Sphere of Influence

Our goal at KPI is to deliver the best service to our clients and partners, therefore, we want to see their businesses succeed. To make this happen, making compatible connections for them when possible is of great importance to us.

This mentality has pushed us to position ourselves as a Sphere of Influence. We acknowledge that it may not be usual to prioritize connecting our partners with other businesses to promote success. However, we firmly believe that establishing this dynamic will encourage a collaborative environment for anyone who partners with us, thus creating our Sphere of Influence. This sphere is defined by the quality connections we foster together and our cooperative efforts to uplift each other. KPI is dedicated to promoting victories through meaningful and strategic partnerships – we believe that when we bring together passionate and driven professionals, we can collectively drive progress and innovation.

Ask Mady Herringa about our New Partner Program

Our newest initiative dedicated to this concept is our revived partner program, spearheaded by Mady Herringa, our Partner Relationship Manager. Whether our collaboration includes co-marketing, creating beneficial events for our partners or clients, or maintaining an active referral relationship, KPI is dedicated to promoting victories. 

The Value of Partnership

Because trust is the currency of our relationships, we uphold our partners and connections to the highest standards. We take pride in recommending the best to our clients and associates because they reflect our commitment to greatness. When we engage effectively together, we want our partners to know that they are in trusted hands, that are dedicated to their success as much as ours. Take it from one of our most tenacious partners, Bill Shipp, from Victory Bank:

Partnering with KPInterface for our REXX networking events has brought numerous positive benefits. Firstly, their extensive information technology experience and expertise have provided valuable insight and guidance, enabling us to navigate the constantly evolving real estate landscape with ease. Additionally, KPI’s well-established network of professional contacts and connections has opened doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and potential clients, fostering growth and success within the group.”

In a world where many settle for ‘good,’ we understand that greatness is not a destination but a journey, and any journey is far less treacherous with the right support system. We are determined to make a difference together, striving for greatness, and building a sphere of influence that will shape the future of our community. We firmly believe that ‘good’ is not enough at KPInterface when ‘great’ is within reach. It’s a belief that propels us forward and drives us to serve you, our partners, and our collective clients with unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence. 

For more information about our new and improved Partner Program, please email our Partner Relationship Manager, Mady Herringa ( or reach her on LinkedIn. Stay tuned for updates!