KPInterface wins Montco Happening for best IT Repair/Consultant in Montgomery county.For the past 17 years, KPInterface has faithfully served businesses here in our Mongomery County, Pennsylvania area with their technology. Through the years we have won various awards, from the Philadelphia Top 100 to the MSP 501 Award, to our local Montco Happening. And speaking of the Montco Happening, check it out! KPInterface has once again been named the best Computer Repair/ IT Consultant in Montgomery County’s Montco Happening List for the fourth year straight! And get this – we’re in the top 1% of IT companies in the whole country!

We have to give a huge shoutout to our team – they’ve been hustling hard for our clients day in and day out. Even with all the craziness of getting into the right hybrid groove, they’ve kept our IT solutions on point and always come through for our clients. This past year we’ve expanded our cybersecurity department into a new division of KPI, whose focus has been on eliminating security threats and furthering our automated processes. We’ve hired quite a few techs, some for our field team serving clients, and some that are working on our IT service desk, but all of them are highly motivated professionals whose real passion lies in technology.

We’re looking ahead to the future and staying laser-focused on delivering the best customer service around. That’s why we’re adding more top talent to our team and growing like a Philly cheesesteak sizzling on the grill. Our goal is to keep serving up the best tech solutions to our clients, and we won’t stop until we’re the number one IT company in the country (not that we’re too far off, not to toot our own horn)!

We have to give a big shoutout to our awesome team and clients – this award wouldn’t be possible without them. We’re so grateful for their support and loyalty. Thanks for keeping it real with KPInterface, Montco!