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We know the unique nature of healthcare and biotechnology businesses today and the challenges you face, like HIPAA compliant IT services. Recent cyber attacks on hospitals and healthcare organizations serve to underscore the relationship between IT and patient outcomes. We understand what it takes to support a true mission-critical environment. Let us take care of the technical details while you focus on patient outcomes.

KPInterface is HIPAA Compliant

We work with premier security and compliance partners to ensure that your customer data remains in your medical files, and only there. We have the expertise to ensure that your technology meets all HIPAA requirements, especially and including cybersecurity – with KPI’s CyberCare platform.

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KPInterface IT Case Study

Case Study:

Maternity Care Coalition

HIPAA Compliance

Maternity Care Coalition’s mission is simple: to improve the health and well-being of pregnant women and parenting families, and enhance school readiness for children 0-3 in southeast PA. They’ve helped over 140,000 families, focused on helping neighborhoods with high rates of poverty, infant mortality, health disparities, and changing immigration patterns. The last thing their team needed was their focus diverted consistently to HIPPA compliance needs, particularly when it comes to cybersecurity (and ultimately funding). MCC had special family medical files they needed reassurance would be safe and secure from cyberattacks, that’s where KPI comes in, with our recommended partners.


Better Evaluating Digital Assets

Maternity Care Coalition had 3 major goals for their company when it came to IT:


  • Gain HIPAA compliance though partnership
  • Secure all digital files from external forces
  • Receive regular IT & compliance reports

KPInterface and the Compliancy Group

KPInterface already had a long and close relationship to Maternity Care Coalition, both as a donor and as a IT partner, but they needed help with compliance. The Compliancy group was brought on as a HIPAA compliance expert, helping KPI institute a yearly comprehensive audit for Maternity Care Coalition to evaluate their vulnerabilities. We mapped their current landscape, and laid out a plan to correct any issues on the spot, including employee data privacy training and sign off for comprehension (and documentation for audits).

Full Trust in the Age of Cyber Crime

CyberCare Complete


  • Antivirus and Antispam
  • Dark Web/Phishing Protection
  • Password Management
  • Web Security
  • Comprehensive Firewall
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Employee HIPAA Training & Sign off


  • Backup sync every 2-3 minutes
  • File encryption

MSA Platinum

  • Support staff available 24/7/365
  • Immediate real person responses
  • Swift ticket resolutions

Complete HIPAA documentation for audits

Managed IT Services

KPI keeps the heartbeat of your technology strong and healthy.

Compliance with established regulations is an essential part of your organization. By partnering with some of the most trusted compliance partners in the industry, KPI makes sure all required standards, policies, and best practices are met.

With careful evaluation and ongoing planning, we ensure that the best and most affordable technology available is implemented to support your practice. As you are there for your clients and patients, we are there for you, providing ongoing maintenance and support whenever needed.

What makes KPInterface different?

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KPI’s process-driven approach to IT cultivates best practices and focuses on strategy. When we analyze your technology, we focus on how we can make it better. We’ll share the technical knowledge we have accrued over our 15 years in business so that you can better understand your technology and how it can be used to fuel your growth.

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