Assess Your Company’s Cybersecurity Risk

Prevent Costly Cyber Attacks with a Free Assessment

As a professional cybersecurity company, we take pride in our comprehensive cyber solutions and have developed a proven and repeatable way to gauge and understand cybersecurity—a cybersecurity penetration test.

A cybersecurity penetration test is a secure, controlled way to assess how your systems would respond to a cyber threat. Imagine if your company could see in real-time the vulnerabilities a hacker would gain access to. The penetration test is a living, breathing test that is updated as often as hackers find new vulnerabilities. It is regularly updated to include the same types of ‘attacks’ reported in the news.

How a cybersecurity penetration test works:
  1. Click– KPInterface sends what is called an “executable,” which simulates when someone clicks on a link in a phishing email.
  2. Run– The executable runs in the background and collects data while you continue to work.
  3. Analyze– The results get automatically sent to our systems, which KPI analyzes and returns back to you with our recommendations.
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Why trust KPI to administer a penetration test?

It may seem counterintuitive to let someone into the networks you are trying to protect, but we have written agreements about what actions can and cannot perform during a penetration test, and the business owner signs off on each test. KPInterface prides itself on its business practices, with 15 years in the IT business. We were previously awarded Philadelphia’s 100 award for growing businesses, as well as nominated as the best IT provider in Montco for two (running for a third) years in a row. 

We provide this cybersecurity tool free of charge to the public because we truly believe that understanding your IT environment (and its vulnerabilities) is essential for running a successful business, especially as the threat of a cyber attack for SMBs grows on a daily basis.