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Dependable Cybersecurity Services For Your Business

From business operations shifting to remote work to utilizing new technologies to boost company performance, one of the most important aspects of working online involves having a high level of computer security for your team. If your company lacks hacker protection services or cyber threat intelligence, your company’s data, sever information, and more runs the risk of a potential breach.

Have you found that your business is running into any of the following issues regarding your cybersecurity services?

We’ll Focus on Your Cybersecurity so You Can Take Care of Business.

We’re not sure if our systems are effectively backed up and fear a data disaster.
With many of our employees working from home, we fear a devastating security breach. We’re not sure what our most effective cybersecurity options are and need guidance.
With both on-site and remote workers, we no longer have a good platform for collaborating and project tracking.
We’re not making good use of our technology and don’t have a clear roadmap for future IT investments that will grow with our business.
We need better automation to streamline our operations and tools that can provide critical insights.
We need the freedom to concentrate on our business and let our people devote themselves to our mission and not IT hiccups.

If so, you can depend on KPInterface for trustworthy cyber threat intelligence all at an affordable cost. Backed with numerous years of industry experience and hacker protection services, we will focus on your complete cybersecurity plan so that you can spend more time taking care of your business.

Cyber Security Case Study

B & G Manufacturing

Compliance for Cybersecurity Insurance

For more than 60 years, B&G Manufacturing has been a family-Hatfield company with a fully-integrated 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility delivers industry-leading solutions every day to clients in the medical, energy, nuclear, aerospace, defense, and oil and gas markets. Back in 2020, B&G faced a di-lemma with their insurance provider who told them they did not have adequate email protection which could potentially put their coverage at risk. Without taking these steps, the carrier would not cover the company. We also needed to prepare for compliance with NIST 800 -171 and future CMMC require-ments. In particular, we needed to ensure that our email was in a secure platform and could be pro-tected with multifactor authentication. Generally speaking, we were looking to enhance the overall cy-bersecurity posture, the accessibility to our technology and the efficiency of our workforce.


Email Migration & Protection

B & G Manufacturing had 3 major goals for their company when it came to improving their cybersecurity stance within the company:

  • A reliable email program with email backup and retrieval
  • Barriers to prevent spam and phishing attempts
  • Most importantly, cybersecurity compliance for in-surance qualification


Top Tier Cybersecurity

The answer was simple to our technicians: since B&G were al-ready on Microsoft Exchange on-premise server, we determined that the logical platform would be Microsoft 365 Email in a cloud based capacity. This meant their emails would be automatically backed to the cloud on a daily basis. Though the solution was simple, it took work to make it happen. 130 users were migrated to their new M365 email– but to add layers of encryption and security the KPI team enabled Multi-Factor Authentication (with VPN access), set up access for anywhere functionality, as well as set up new antispam solution (using KPI’s partner Proofpoint). KPI also upgraded all users to the latest version of Microsoft Suites Software (Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.) as it came with their M365 subscription. Well protected and passed eve-ry check on a cybersecurity audit by their insurance provider! Their team could take a sigh of relief with our regular quarterly cyber audits to ensure they’re compliant even in times of changing technology.


A New Permanent Confidence on IT Compliancy 

KPInterface implemented our full suite of cybersecurity, and we were able to provide these results to B & G Manufacturing in less than a business quarter. What a turnaround!

  • Migrated 130+ Users to M365
  • Aquired a new cloud server
  • MFA enabled on devices
  • Microsoft Suites upgraded
  • 99% Satisfaction on service ticket ratings


“KPInterface has upgraded our technology to the latest standards and best practices. They provide us with strategic direction, project management and implementation, and daily support and guidance that we requred in order to advance our overall corporate goals” – Bill Edmonds, CEO of B & G Manufacturing

Cybersecurity Services FAQ

What is the main goal of KPInterface Managed Cybersecurity Services?

The main goal of KPInterface Managed Cybersecurity Services is to protect your company’s data from cyber threats, ensuring a high level of online security for your team, and providing peace of mind for your business operations. 

What issues can KPInterface Cybersecurity Services help address?

KPInterface Cybersecurity Services can help address issues such as:  

  • Ensuring effective backup and data disaster recovery.  
  • Implementing cybersecurity measures for remote and on-site workers.  
  • Streamlining operations and providing critical insights through automation.  
  • Offering guidance on future IT investments that align with your business growth. 
How can I request a cybersecurity assessment from KPInterface?

You can request a cybersecurity assessment by visiting the KPInterface website and clicking on “Request a Cybersecurity Assessment.” Fill in the required information, and a representative will contact you to discuss your needs. 

How can I calculate the potential cost of downtime and data loss due to a cybersecurity breach?

You can use the Recovery Time & Downtime Cost Calculator provided by KPInterface’s partner, Datto, to estimate the potential costs. Simply fill in the 10-question survey, and you’ll receive an instant estimate of the potential financial impact of a cybersecurity breach on your business. 

What other IT services does KPInterface offer?

In addition to cybersecurity services, KPInterface offers Managed IT Services, Cloud Management, VoIP Services, and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions. 

In which regions does KPInterface provide its cybersecurity services?

KPInterface specializes in providing cybersecurity services to businesses in Eastern Pennsylvania, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Lebanon County, and Lancaster County. But as an agile, hybrid company we take on clients across the nation – from the tri-state area to Florida, to Colorado, to even across the pond to places like Spain. 

How can I get in touch with KPInterface to discuss cybersecurity services for my business?

To learn more about KPInterface’s cybersecurity services, you can contact them through their website or call (484) 680-7766 for inquiries. 

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

Our Clients Do the Talking for Us

“In 2020, as a department of defense contractor and subcontractor, we decided to enhance our cybersecurity strategy. After a positive experience with the KPI team, we decided to engage KPI as our cyber security experts, and signed up for their CyberCare package. With the confidence gained from this partnership, in 2021 we decided to fully integrate KPI as our holistic managed IT services provider. KPI has upgraded our technology to the latest standards and best practices. They provide us with the strategic direction, project management and implementation, and daily support and guidance that we require in order to advance our overall corporate goals.”


B & G Manufacturing

“KPI provides a wide breadth of services that can be customized to fit our business needs. Since moving our company to KPInterface, our biggest benefit has been the consolidation of services. They have a systemic approach to help your company manage your business technology requirements including evaluating your infrastructure, software, cyber security, and overall technology needs. They then customize their services to fit your business and culture. They allow us to have the depth and knowledge base we could not support on our own. With all the changes in the technology market place we cannot keep up and be the expert in all areas so KPI bridges that gap. Their relationship and partnering skills stand out. They grow with us and we consider them a partner. If you are on the fence, just meet with the KPI team as their philosophy and business strategy will speak for itself.”

Stockwell Elastomerics

“We—mid sized 250 employee enterprise—have been KPI clients from their early days in business. One of the most impressive things about them is that as they’ve grown, the level of excellent service they provide has not wavered. In addition to the excellent service, the breadth of their services and areas of expertise keeps expanding. This makes life easier for us. We really couldn’t replicate what they provide us for what they charge us by going in-house.”


A. C. Miller Concrete Products

Recovery Time & Downtime Cost Calculator

Click the link below to fill a 10 question survey to instantly find out how much money (and data) you could lose in a cybersecurity breach. The survey is prodvided by our partner Datto, an expert in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Complete the contact us below to get a free audit or quote on cybersecurity and BCDR services for your business.

Calculator Here
Cybersecurity Services Philly

Give yourself peace of mind. Build a plan that guards against the threat of invasions.

Unfortunately, cybercrime is an unavoidable and growing industry. As hackers become smarter, it’s critical to adopt smarter services and practices towards achieving a high level of online security. However, most businesses lack the time to both handle security and run their business simultaneously. KPI works for you as your dedicated team of cybersecurity experts. Our services are comprehensive and will let you put your focus back where it belongs – on your business.

For many years, KPInterface is proud to be recognized as a leading IT provider for businesses in various industries. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals will work with you to equip your company with the necessary online tools and resources needed for you to thrive, addressing any questions or concerns you may have during the process. Our services extend to other avenues of technology support, including:

 At KPInterface, it’s important to us that your business is utilizing the right online protection features without having to overspend for quality. We’re proud to be the most cost-effective and dependable IT provider for businesses located in the following areas: 

  • Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Montgomery county
  • Bucks County
  • Lebanon County
  • Lancaster County

Are you interested in boosting your company’s computer security? For more information regarding our cybersecurity services, please contact us today or call (484) 680-7766 for inquires. We look forward to working with you to better protect your business online. 

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