Cybersecurity Assessment and Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity isn’t just one feature. It’s a set of tools used to better secure your business’ technology and digital assets. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity assessments and penetration tests to help you gain IT peace of mind.

KPInterface Cybersecurity Assessment and Penetration Test

As a professional cybersecurity company who prides themselves on our comprehensive cyber solutions, we have a proven and repeatable way to gauge and understand cybersecurity, which includes comprehensive checklists as well as our new cybersecurity penetration tests. 

A cybersecurity penetration test is a secure, controlled way to assess how your systems would respond to a cyber threat. Imagine, your company would get to see in real time the vulnerabilities a hacker would gain access to. The penetration test is a living, breathing test that is updated as often as hackers find new vulnerabilities. It is regularly updated to include the same types of “attacks” that are reported in the news.

How a cybersecurity penetration test works:
  1. Click- KPInterface would send you what is called an “executable” which simulates when someone clicks on a link in a phishing email.
  2. Run- The executable will run in the background and collect data while you continue to work.
  3. Analyze- The results get automatically sent to our systems, which KPI analyzes and returns back to you with our recommendations.

Why trust KPI to administer a penetration test?

It may seem counterintuitive to let someone into the networks you are trying to protect, but we have written agreements about what actions can and cannot perform during a penetration test, and each test is signed off by the business owner. KPInterface prides ourselves on our business practices with 15 years in the IT business, and a previous winner of the Philadelphia’s 100 award for growing businesses, as well as nominated best IT provider in Montco for two (running for a third) year in a row.  We provide this cybersecurity tool free of charge to the public because we truly believe that understanding your IT environment (and its vulnerabilities) is essential for running a successful business, especially as the threat of a cyber attack for SMBs grows on a daily basis.

Empower Your Business With Better Cybersecurity

Here are just a few of the key takeaways from our testing:

  • Backups – find out if your data would restore in case of an emergency failure, and how often it’s actually being backed up
  • Accounts – are your accounts hackable? Find out if users are on multiple devices, if users are regularly changing their passwords and how exposed (and guessable) your passwords are
  • Office 365 – Find out if your team would be vulnerable in a phishing attempt, or if hackers can get access through 365 programs like Outlook
  • Patches – Are operating systems up to date and patched? 
  • Antivirus
  • Firewalls
  • Education
  • Surveillance 

We’re looking for companies with 10 to 250 computers to join our circle of clients.

By recommending partners, associates, contacts, you’re showing them the way to worry-free IT and perhaps reaping rewards for yourself.

Our ideal client fits into the small to mid-sized business category where IT is critical to the mission and considered a valuable investment. We offer flexible service contracts based on need and can partner with clients to handle all their technology needs or Co-Managed IT Services, focusing on only certain portions of their IT needs.

We Stand By Our Word With Every Referral

Any person or company who submits a referral to KPI that leads to a monthly service agreement within six months of the referral will be eligible for a generous one-time KPI Referral Finders Fee.

Fill out the form and we’ll take care of the rest.

KPI Cybersecurity Penetration Test


What type of sensitive information does your team handle, access, or store? Check all that apply, including employee data as well as client data:(Required)
Do you allow any of the above information to be e-mailed?(Required)
Do you allow any of the above information to be stored or transmitted in cloud filesharing applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.(Required)

Microsoft 365

Do you use Microsoft 365 for email or file storage (One Drive or SharePoint)?(Required)
When you log into your account are you prompted for a code that is sent to your cell phone or shows up on an application on your cell phone?(Required)


UntitledDoes your current IT support provide you evidence that they are performing test restores of your data?(Required)


How often does your team receive simulated phishing training?(Required)
How often does your team receive security training?(Required)
Do you have a cyber liability insurance policy?(Required)
Do you have crime insurance?(Required)
How recently have you evaluated the level of cyber insurance carried by your organization to verify if it is adequate to protect your organization and your clients or patients from financial loss?(Required)


Do you have a work from home policy that includes safeguards for client, patient and organization data?(Required)
What cyber security policies are being used in your office?(Required)
Do employees sign off that they have read and understand these policies?(Required)
How would you currently rate the cyber security software deployed to protect personal and organization data from attacks such as phishing and ransomware?(Required)
How often do you have a 3rd party analysis of your network security controls?(Required)

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it

Our Clients Do the Talking for Us

“So happy with my long-term relationship with KPInterface. They provide AspeCom the peace of mind that we need to focus on the growth of our business. We’re confident that our network is fast and reliable, and that we’re protected from cybercrime and data loss. With their vCIO services, they have become an extended department of our company. They do what they say.”
Clara Asmail

“KP Interface staff has given us excellent response to our support challenges. Their support ticket system is easy to use and assists in providing quick answers and communication with their technical support team. KPI has a good understanding of this business and has organized to provide their customers with efficient and friendly support services.”
Joan Mazur

“I have worked with KP Interface for many years but have never lead the charge between them and my business. In the last 3 weeks, I have learned more about “Information Technology” than I ever thought possible. My team not only keeps me informed, but they also do it in a way that is easy for me to understand, process, and make decisions imperative for the health and welfare of my firm and our clients. I look forward to continuing our very long and already established partnership for many years to come.”
Sheila Nester

Sheila Nester & Associates, P.C.