At the beginning of 2022, despite the craziness of the year so far, our team at KPInterface was nominated as best Computer Repair/ IT Consultants in Mongomergy County’s Montco Happening List. This year we won again which makes it our third year running that we’ve received the award! We want to thank our team for all of the hard work they have put in to continue to grow the company for the past three years. Even as we transitioned from an in-office to at-home and then a hybrid work model, all of the team has been happily along for the ride.

During the pandemic, several businesses faced hard decisions to layoff their employees, or close their business entirely – but thankfully our team settled in to play the long game and looked where we can adapt to the changing times. As a technology company, we may have had an advantage – with all of the technology needed to go remote already at our fingertips. It was challenging trying to navigate our transition during Covid-19, while also helping all of our clients come up with their own unique tech solutions for their business to successfully face the pandemic.

Now that we’re mostly on the other side, KPInterface is focused on keeping the momentum we gathered and keep it moving forward. We’re hiring, and we haven’t stopped hiring all year. We want to provide our clients with the customer service they have come to expect from a third time winner of the Montco Happening. We happily support over 30 employees and 150 clients, all of whom helped us win this award – so this one is for them.

Thank you