Happy Spring to All!

You ,may be thinking about cleaning out your closet, or your kitchen fridge, but we’re here to remind you of one more thing you should make sure to do on a regular basis: recycle your technology. It’s very easy when buying new equipment, especially if the old equipment is still functional, to keep everything and store anything you’re not using in a safe space – to use later if you need. Having a spare laptop or phone may not be too damaging, but if everyone at your company has one phone and laptop to dispose of the risk of a breach increases exponentially.

Dangers of Old Equipment (and Why to Properly Recycle Technology)

And here’s why: old technology, when not monitored, will go out of date quickly without updates and patches. A hacker can enter a system from vulnerabilities from out of date tech, there are tons of dark web sites that explicitly tell hackers how to enter certain systems via certain patches. The same can be said of technology in use when it isn’t updated as well. But rather than tossing all of the excess tech in the trash, it is best to responsibly recycle technology for two reasons – data protection, and environmental protection. If technology is thrown out traditionally, there is a chance that somewhere down the line the technology can find it’s way in the hands of someone outside the company, increasing the probability of a breach. The other reason is because most technology takes years and years to break down, regularly recycling wouldn’t accept a technology without it being disassembled first. Not convinced? Check this list for more reasons to recycle your computer!

Instead, the best recourse is to contact a professional technology recycling company that not only can verify where they dispose of their technology, but can provide proof of destruction for each item disposed of, ensuring compliancy and data protection. A lot of tech providers can offer recycling services, but not always.

Need some technology recycling?

We have a handy Equipment Recycling Form that’s in our website’s support center section. The pricing is also listed as they’re filling out the form.  Click here to recycle.

Once you submit the form, a request will be sent to our procurement team, who will follow up directly about pick up dates and other notes on picking up the technology.