Technology Alignment Review

KPI’s Technology Alignment Review (TAR) is an expert assessment of your company's use of technology. We review the critical aspects of your IT systems and assess the role in which they play in your operations. It is designed to provide a perspective on the current alignment of your IT systems relative to your business goals as well as help you create a strategic IT plan focusing on the areas in which you may need the most help.


KPI will dedicate Senior Network Engineers to your company in order to assess the technology. We will review critical IT aspects such as:


KPI will dedicate Business Consultants to your company in order to learn the operational aspects of the business by interviewing key members of your leadership team. The goal is to generate a strategic plan that focuses IT efforts on the areas that impact operations the most.


Once KPI completes the investigation and discovery phase of the TAR, the TAR Report will be developed and presented to you. The level of analysis and detail which is included in the TAR

Report is optional but often includes:
  1. Overview of critical IT aspects
  2. A set of structured recommendations – critical/high urgency needs, short term objectives, long term goals
  3. Documentation of the environment – optional levels of detail available

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