KPI delivers intensive Pro-Active Services to Servers, Workstations and some Mobile Devices which includes: 24x7 Monitoring & Reporting, Managed Network Security and Remote Access Management. More pro-active measures deployed in your environment result in less re-active, productivity draining, re-active support needs.

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KPI will monitor the health of your network around the clock to ensure the availability of network resources. If a resource fails, we may know about it before you do and are already in the process of enacting measures to resolve it. Servers, workstations and internet connectivity; We are eyes and ears on your network 24x7.


KPI will configure and deploy system updates and patches to your network pro-actively without disrupting your user productivity. We also run regular checks of aspects that are most likely to cause major problems or system outages, such as available disk-space on your servers and workstations. We perform clean up tasks and make adjustments before they lead to larger problems.


KPI's Intelligent Threat Prevention System (ITPS) involves deployment of a collaborative group of software and services that are designed to secure your network at every level in which data is exchanged with the outside world. Our system not only secures your network but learns the behavior of your users and makes adjustments in order to tailor the protection specifically for your organization. The solution includes security protection services for: server and desktop, web browsing and e-mail service.


KPI will keep real-time inventory of servers and workstations connected to your network. We report on the devices' active specifications and available resources. This pre-identifies any potentially problematic machines as well as improves overall device management strategies and assists in creating a Lifecycle Management Program for hardware.