Understanding and adapting new technologies can be a cumbersome task for many organizations. When everyone in your business community is talking about "cloud, cloud, cloud," you inevitably start to think: Is cloud right for my business? What should I move to the cloud? And how do I do it effectively without disrupting my business? KPI can help you determine the business value of cloud services. KPI Cloud Solutions utilize the latest in cloud technologies to bring you solutions capable of hosting just some of your IT systems or your entire IT environment, servers and all.


Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud hosted solution for providing Microsoft Exchange e-mail services and Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. With Office 365, you can eliminate the need for an e-mail server and you'll never need to buy or upgrade versions of Office applications again. Everyone in your company can use the same software versions and you'll always have access to the latest versions that Microsoft makes available. KPI provides Office 365 hosting for a monthly fee. Ask your KPI representative which package best fits your situation.


KPI provides virtual cloud servers which are capable of hosting your company's applications and network domain. This can replace or work in conjunction with your premise-based servers. Your servers will be hosted on premium hardware which is frequently updated and housed in data center facilities with on-site NOC support and management. Migrations from your current environment can be seamless and KPI provides all of the assistance that you need.


With your desktops hosted in the cloud, your employees are not tied to a physical workstation or device. They can turn any device into their work computer by accessing their virtual desktop. Virtual desktops serve everything that user needs with access to applications, data, network drives, printers, rights and permissions. The user experience is the same every time. With the use of thin clients, you’ll save big money buying cheaper devices and having them last longer.


If you already have your applications hosted in the cloud or just need a way to share files between employees regardless of location, KPI has simple cloud-based sharing tools available to you. You can centrally store files. Share files with other employees or even people outside of your organization. Have employees collaborate and make changes and updates to the same file.