8 Things Your IT Company Should Be Doing

Friday, January 13, 2017
Technology is the lifeblood of a business. Without it, you can’t process orders, manage inventory, or even serve basic customer needs. If your data or phone systems fail, you could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars during the outage. So who is managing all of this for you?
Typically, one person cannot handle every detail. You need a team. A team that you can get with outsourced IT management. However, not all IT service providers are the same and aligning your business with the right one can be the difference between IT that is “good” versus IT that is great.

Here are 8 things that you should be asking when it comes to your business’s technology: 

1. Is someone monitoring my systems around the clock?

Proactive management is key to the success of an organization’s technology. Having someone monitor and maintain systems day and night ensures that your reactive support needs are kept as minimal as possible.

2. Is there a full-time staff of experts ready to help me when I have an issue?

When you do experience an issue, it is typically affecting you right then and there. If you have to leave a message for your support provider and then wait for them to get back to you, it can be frustrating. Imagine if you could talk to a support engineer (not just a ticket taker) as soon as you call in.

3. Do I have adequate security in place?

You have a Firewall and Anti-Virus solution but is it really enough to ensure that your data and intellectual property are protected at every point that touches the outside world? Is someone proactively staying on top of emerging threats to ensure that you are safe-guarded?

4. Is someone helping me make strategic decisions?

Every company should have someone that is skilled in both technology and business to make strategic decisions and act as CIO. If you don’t have someone on your team in this role, then your IT provider should be dedicating someone like this to your business.

5. Is someone measuring success?

When you do implement IT policies, is someone regularly reviewing the statistics, metrics, benchmarks and trends to ensure that what you are doing is working and to review ways in which to continuously improve the performance?

6. Am I adequately prepared for a disaster?

You know your data is being backed up. Great! Do you know precisely what happens if you need to restore it and what you can expect in terms of downtime, accessibility and impact on your business operation?

7. Who is interfacing with my other technology vendors?

The person who is most familiar with your network is who should be contacting and facilitating support with your other vendors when needed. You should never need to make more than one call for anything IT related.

8. Who is evaluating new technologies for my business?

Technology is constantly changing. New hardware, software and/or services could impact your business and potentially make you safer and more productive. Someone should be continuously evaluating these technologies on your behalf in order to make the best decisions about what you may benefit from.
Not all IT providers are the same. KPI covers the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and has the people, processes and structure in place to deliver a better quality of service, period. Give us a call and find out what you’re missing.

KPInterface is a provider of strategic IT support and IT management services for business in the Greater Philadelphia Area. While the KPI IT strategy is to have your technology performing at its best on a daily basis, we also strive to ensure that the technologies which you are using are doing everything they can to help accomplish your strategic business goals.

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